Bill Housley is renowned for his uniquely crafted ornamental woodwork used for a variety of purposes, including dishware, decorative pieces and boxes. Working from his studio in Limerick, Maine, each item Bill creates is unique. His work is available in several galleries, as well as in stores throughout Maine and Northern New England. Please check out the “Find His Work” page for more details.

Segmented Art

Many customers are curious about Bill’s process. His progression involves segmented turning, also known as polychromatic turning, which is woodturning on a lathe. The initial work piece is composed of multiple parts from a template of a single piece wood to create patterns and visual effects. Depending on the size, orientation and the colors of the wood, the piece can be turned into a myriad of practical items, including bowls, platters and vases.

Ornamental woodturning, which was prevalent among wealthy Europeans in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, became a lost art due to the expensive nature and the complex craftsmanship that goes into creating this art form. Fortunately, about a decade ago, the Lindow White Rose Engine was created, providing crafters with an innovative machine that performs a variety of tasks. It features eccentric cutting heads and dozens of cams configured to produce exclusive cuts in wood that came from a lathe.

Luckily for collectors, Bill has mastered this machine, using it to enhance his unique pieces and segmented art. Best of all, pieces that were once only available at high-end galleries are now available at Bills Turningz!

Please check out the Portfolio menu to see the array of different products Bill creates. Not only are the pieces aesthetically pleasing, they are also useful items you can use around your home or office. If you have any questions about the products Bill creates, or if you need help finding his pieces, please give him a call at 207-793-3513.