Bill Housley of Limerick, Maine has been “doing” arts and crafts his entire life.

But he’s also a practicing general dentist with a strong interest in cosmetic dentistry which he says is just another form of arts and crafts. Bill has been an assistant professor of Dentistry at Tuft’s College of Dental Medicine and also at the New Jersey College of Dentistry. He has attained the Mastership level in the Academy of General Dentistry - a distinction shared with only eight other practitioners in Maine.

While time at the office making smiles is his day job, woodturning comprises his principal off-hours pursuit. Bill has spent these off-hours dabbling at wood working for the past forty years and began to specialize in woodturning in 2003. He turns small items like writing pens, bottle stoppers, small bowls, segmented art, tea candle holders, Ikebana display holders, key rings, and peppermills. Like the work of many craftsmen, no two items are ever exactly alike and therein lies the challenge, the value, and the enjoyment.

A few years ago, he was accepted as a locally juried member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and displays much of his work in the League’s Meredith, NH retail store. His work is also sold in numerous other stores throughout northern New England.

Bill’s wife Jeanine says that one of these days he’ll be having an auto accident because he’s always looking at the trees whizzing by along the side of the road. She’ll ask: “What are you looking at?” to which he’d reply, “Look at all those bowls, boxes, and other stuff!” Bill goes on to say, “When I look at a tree, I see what it could become, one day, to benefit people who appreciate wood art. And the best example of that is the work I’ve produced from Herbie - an elm tree in Yarmouth, Maine that began life way back in 1793 and lost its battle with Dutch Elm Disease in